Ceramic Tiles for Crafts and Coasters - 4" Round Tiles with Cork Backers | 12 Pack

3.20 LBS
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  • Creative Hobbies Square Ceramic coaster tiles are a fun and easy craft for the whole family! Kids love to design their own coaster and parents will be happy to have no water rings on the coffee table. These tiles quickly absorb water and condensation.
  • Package comes with 12 tiles and each one is individually bubble bagged to ensure they will arrive without damage. Also included are 12 cork backs for each tile so your newly finished coasters won’t slide all over or damage surfaces.
  • These tiles are ceramic and unglazed. They are perfect for painting, markers, acrylics or even crayons. You can also use alcohol ink but that will require glazing the tiles first. Tiles come perfectly smooth with no blemishes or chips.
  • Tiles measure 4” x 4” and will fit most coaster holders you might already have. They are 0.25” thick before the cork backing is applied. Cork is high quality and won’t tear or crumble like other brands.
  • Great for living rooms, kitchens, offices, dens, and bedrooms. These tiles also make a great gift. Design whole sets and give them to family or friends or gift them unfinished and create your masterpiece together.